Make your bots

Add self learning cabability to your bot in under 5 minutes without writing a single line of code.

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Learn from conversations

Self Learn

Your bots learn from conversations and keep getting smarter with time.
You have control to review and edit anything learnt by your bot.

Local Memory

The learning is initially local to the user.
Once a similar thing has been learnt locally by multiple user sessions, it gets learnt globally.

Collective Learn

Your models are constantly retrained with the knowledge acquired by all public bots on ozz.

Pre-trained Scripts

Ozz uses a deep learning model that enables your bot to have generic conversations without any effort from you.

Continuous Testing

Run scheduled automated tests and use a combination of human + AI to expand your test cases.

Cloud Functions

Extend your bots to handle new cases by creating a dynamic response by writing a function in programming language of your choice.

Botlink - Bot Referrals

Link to other bots to handle different or new use cases and get paid for these referrals.